About Good Shepherd


Since 1958, the Episcopal Church has been a stable influence in Jupiter and Tequesta. In 1993, it established the Good Shepherd School with a simple goal: to enrich the lives of children of all faiths within this community. It was a humble start with just two Preschool rooms in the Administration Building. Yet parents and parishioners envisioned so much more, and diligently worked to grow the Preschool into a fully accredited Elementary School. The current building, which was constructed in 1997, is evidence of their unwavering dedication (please visit The Church of the Good Shepherd at http://www.goodsheponline.org).

Perhaps the most cherished gift of all was a 300-pound bell cast in 1856 by the Meneely Bell Company, the same firm that created the Liberty Bell hanging in Independence Hall in Philadelphia.  The bell was given to the school by Joseph Behl, whose son Greg Behl was the school’s project manager.  Today, the very same bell can be seen towering high above the school, where its reverberating chime can be heard every morning to signify the start of the school day.

Our Mission

We exist to provide our students with a firm foundation for life and learning in a safe environment that meets the needs of each student.  Challenging Academics ~ Critical Thinking ~ Character Building ~ Creative Expression ~ Christian Values

We believe:

  • The individual child is God's creation and is valued above all else.
  • The way we teach is as important as what we teach.
  • An atmosphere of trust and structured freedom is essential.
  • Our administration and faculty should be role models for our students.
  • Hands-on and interactive is the best environment for learning.
  • Our small class sizes are designed to promote problem solving skills and encourage creativity.
  • Our stimulating academic program prepares our students for success.
  • Mistakes are learning opportunities that should be springboards to improvement.
  • It is important to be responsible and respectful.
  • Parents are welcomed, encouraged, and expected to be an integral part of their child's education.
  • Our school teaches respect for the religious and cultural differences that exist in our community.

Our Accreditation

As an independent school, Good Shepherd is self-governing and financially independent. In contrast, public schools are funded and governed by local and state governments, and parochial schools are governed and financed by religious institutions such as a diocese or parish. Although affiliated with The Church of the Good Shepherd, our School is governed by an independent Boards of Trustees. Independent school are, by definition, unique, and are characterized by strong academics, quality standards, autonomy in choosing a well-rounded curriculum and adherence to school mission.

Good Shepherd is a proud member of:

FCIS - Florida Council of Independent Schools

The Florida Council of Independent Schools (FCIS) is one of the largest independent school organizations in the United States. FCIS is a member of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) and an affiliate of the Council for American Private Education (CAPE).

NAIS - National Association of Independent Schools

The NAIS has over 1700 schools world-wide with over 569,000 students attending NAIS member schools. With that in mind, NAIS provides a wealth of information to independent schools like us through well documented research and discovery of the best practices and cutting edge strategies found around the globe.

NAES - National Association of Episcopal Schools

The National Association of Episcopal Schools is an independently incorporated, voluntary membership organization that supports, serves, and advocates for the vital work and ministry of those who serve over 1,200 Episcopal schools, early childhood education programs, and school establishment efforts throughout the Episcopal Church. Chartered in 1965, with holistic roots dating to the 1930’s, NAES is the only pre-collegiate education association that is both national in scope and Episcopal in character.



Why Good Shepherd?

Good Shepherd is committed to preserving tradition, focusing on the pillars of education and core values.  Yet our program is designed to provide students with the foundation to succeed in a diverse and ever-changing world.  With the integration of new technology, a robust global studies program, and distinct outdoor education initiatives, our students are well equipped for life-long learning.


Accreditation and Proud Member Of