Leadership Team

Our dynamic Leadership Team demonstrates unity by supporting all members of the GSES community.  Although our Leadership Team works in the best interest of the whole school – most importantly we are completely committed to working in the best interest of your child.

Heather Vaughn,
Head of School

Donna Blythe, Business Manager

Peter Allen, Director of Health & Safety/Information Technology

Alysse Rupprecht, Executive Administrative Assistant


A highly dedicated and skilled faculty is the hallmark of our school.  Small classes are led by remarkable teachers who respect every child’s potential.  Our 20-person faculty provides a 6:1 student-teacher ratio.  100% of our classroom teachers are state certified and have earned a Bachelors’ Degree, and 20% of them have earned a Masters’ Degree.

Andrea Reynolds, Division Head for Early Childhood

Molly Daniels, Division Head for Elementary School

Robyn Kovner, Multimedia Specialist/Curriculum Coordinator

Sandy English, Academic Support Coordinator

Susan Allen, Classroom Teacher

Jennifer Cady, Classroom Teacher

Ingrid Joli Flemk, Classroom Teacher

Cara Hickok, Classroom Teacher

Rieko Richardson, Classroom Teacher

Helenanne Tress, Classroom Teacher

Jessica Yauch, Classroom Teacher

Erica Zisa, Classroom Teacher

Brittany Black, Teacher Assistant

Megan Brown, Teacher Assistant

Tara Claridge, Teacher Assistant

Laura Ann Larson, Teacher Assistant

Sandi O’Malley, Teacher Assistant

Staci Peters, Teacher Assistant

Linda Shepherd-Green, Resource Teacher (Music)

Jeff Shepherd, Resource Teacher (Music)

Talia Cervetti, Resource Teacher (Art)

Dan Vaz, Resource Teacher (Physical Education)


Board Members

The role of the School Board of Trustees is to set policy and focus on long-range and strategic issues. GSES is proud to boast an active Board of Trustees, who actively support and promote our school’s mission, vision, strategic goals, and policy positions. The Board is currently made up of 12 individuals, with representation from local community leaders (both private business and independent education), the Parent Association, Alumni, the Church of the Good Shepherd, and the Head of School. If you know of someone who would make a great addition to our Board, please contact Heather Vaughn at 561-746-5507.