2-3 Year Olds

Early Learning

Snow Day, Teddy Bear Tea, Easter Hat Parade… there is something fun happening every day in Early Learning.

Children have a natural curiosity about the world around them, and we love to tap into that curiosity.  Using a hands-on approach, discovery is gained through the child’s senses and natural deduction techniques.   Ordinary events –  like releasing butterflies –  turn into extraordinary learning opportunities.

These students receive their first taste of learning through integrated and thematic classroom activities.  Units such as Families, Community Helpers, Transportation, Holidays and Special Friends, help children begin to understand their place in this world and what it means to help others.  Each child learns about rules, sharing and playing well with others – lessons that naturally can be used outside of school.  Every child learns to develop basic skills for listening, thinking and following directions.

Reading readiness is achieved through exposure to letters and sounds but also through talking, singing, rhyming, visual and physical stimulation and, of course, reading out loud.  Learning to speak through writing and pictures is a big part of our classroom.   With the development of motor control, pincher grip and language skills, children begin to understand the importance of the written word and how to put an idea on paper.

The introduction of manipulatives in the classroom helps to introduce early mathematics.  The children use these resources in counting, sequencing, sorting, matching, patterning and recognition.

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