Our goal in Pre-K is to build “kindergarten readiness” skills.

Reading is incorporated into every part of the day.  The children are immersed in literature and exposed to many different genres such as, songs, poetry, rhymes, fairy tales and folk tales.  Students learn to recognize and name all upper and lower case letters followed by letter sound recognition. Children understand that letter sounds make words and how to blend these sounds. They also begin to recognize sight words and read word families.  Correct letter and number formation is taught using Hand Writing Without Tears which offers many manipulatives for further practice.

Math is incorporated into our daily routine.   They are taught place value, patterns, numbers, counting, and problem solving. Each skill uses a hands-on approach, using concrete manipulatives.  Science activities give them first-hand experiences.  They are allowed to discover on their own and have the freedom to explore.  As students learn by doing, they increase their understanding of the world around them.

In social studies they begin to learn that everyone is a piece of the puzzle including family, community, and peers.  Hands-on activities are used to teach them about the world and people around us.

Your child’s growing independence and confidence will show you he is ready for the next big step:  Kindergarten!

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