Academic Support

To best serve the needs of all our students, Good Shepherd provides academic support in both reading and math.  This support may be in the form of individual or group settings, and may include tools for either accelerated or remedial instruction.


Wilson Reading System

The Wilson Reading System is a research-based reading and writing program. It is a complete curriculum for teaching decoding and encoding, beginning with phoneme segmentation. WRS directly teaches the structure of words in the English language so that students master the coding system for reading and spelling. Unlike other programs that overwhelm the student with rules, the language system of English is presented in a systematic and cumulative manner so that it is manageable.  The Wilson Method establishes a process for students to spell words by breaking them into parts (sounds, syllables, suffixes) as opposed to memorizing a list of specific words each week.  Students will be taught the basic rules that govern the structure of the English language.


Fountas and Pinnell Leveled Literacy Intervention (LLI)

LLI provides individual and/or small group support in addition to the regular reading instruction in the classroom.  LLI is a short term intervention that provides thirty minute lessons of highly concentrated instruction in reading, writing, and phonics.  Daily lessons reinforce new learning and will help your children make accelerated progress.  Fluency in phrased reading and comprehension of high interest texts is emphasized.  LLI also focuses on developing early writing strategies.


Linda Mood Bell Visualizing and Verbalizing

The Visualizing and Verbalizing program helps students develop concept imagery, the ability to create an image from language as a basis for comprehension and higher order thinking. The development of concept imagery improves reading and listening comprehension, memory, oral vocabulary, critical thinking, and writing.


Lively Letters

Lively Letters is a multisensory program that improves letter sound knowledge, phonemic awareness, and the phonics necessary for reading and spelling.  The program embeds the letter shapes into animated characters with colorful images and humorous stories that tie together the letter shape, the letter sound, and the way it is produced in the mouth.


Sight Words You Can See

Sight Words You Can See is a multisensory program that teaches the most difficult sight words, those that are phonetically irregular.  The program utilizes imagery, humorous stories, and mnemonics to train decoding of the tricky sight words, the ones that do not follow the rules of phonics.  The mnemonic clues link three aspects of the sight words- the way they are spelled, the way they are pronounced, and their meanings.


Ten Marks Math

Ten Marks Math is an online integrated math program that provides practice, instruction, intervention, assessments, and differentiation. Ten Marks reinforces what is being taught in class.  It does not replace regular instruction.

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