Fourth Grade

Fourth Grade really let students to go as far as their curiosities and interests take them!

Inquiry-based and hands-on methods are used to engage students, thus allowing students to demonstrate their learning in ways they are most interested. These include a variety of written and artistic projects, as well as Powerpoint and Prezi presentations.

Students pose questions and seek out the answers using a variety of methods including field trips – the student’s favorite learning method!  In fourth grade we take field trips to Pans Gardens, Little Red Schoolhouse, Yesteryear Village, Kravis Center, and of course, an overnight trip to St. Augustine.

Reading is taught using a balanced literacy approach that incorporates novel studies, guided reading, spelling, phonics, writing and comprehension skills. Small group learning enables individualized instruction and support.

Small groups are used to meet students where they are in their mathematical knowledge, thus avoiding re-teaching skills students have already mastered, and to develop a pace that is comfortable for each student.  Additionally, classroom economy is used to teach financial literacy.  Students have classroom jobs and receive a salary.  They may also “shop” at the class store.  Students track and make decisions about their income, expenses, saving and charitable contributions.

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