Kindergarten is the foundation on which your child will build their school experiences.


In Kindergarten, we ask a lot of questions!  “Why does that happen?” “How does that work?” “Is there another way to do it?”

In Kindergarten, we aren’t afraid to tackle new things!  “I will try this on my own.” “I will use my classroom resources.” “I think I know the answer!” 

To help instill a sense of wonder in the world around them, we incorporate thematic days throughout the year.  These days include interdisciplinary projects, such as Apples Aplenty, Pumpkins Galore, and Gingerbread Man Day – which help students make connections across multiple disciplines.  We enjoy hands-on math, science, art, and literacy activities, with activities such as apple stamping, predicting how many seeds are inside the pumpkin, graphing our favorite apple, and writing our own “Gingerbread Man” story.   

Learning centers are utilized in our classroom daily. From “push pinning” our high frequency words to creatively using iPad apps, students are allowed the freedom to actively learn while building independence. 

Kindergarteners begin their study of mathematics with a primary focus on counting and cardinality and number and operation.  They solve quantitative problems by counting, comparing, and joining and separating sets, all of which help develop the foundation for addition and subtraction. Manipulative materials, games and objects are used to give children experiences needed to build strong mathematical concepts.   

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