Second Grade

There is something special going on in Second Grade!  Stop by the classroom any time during the school day and you may see students reading independently, writing in their journals, practicing their math facts, or working together on group projects.

While we continue to offer activities to improve reading skills, second graders are quickly putting those new skills to good use.  Students will complete several novel studies, both in groups and independently, throughout the school year.  Students will also learn how to do research using books from the library as well as internet resources.  In the spring, students will learn all they can about one of the animals that lives at our local zoo.  With their new-found knowledge, and the help of an outline, they will write a report about their animal.  Dioramas of their animal’s habitat will be included in this project, and we will top it all off with a field trip to the Palm Beach Zoo.  The students dioramas will be on display in the Media Center, and a QR code will take viewers to a video clip of the students reading their animal report.

Students in second grade will continue to develop a better understanding of mathematical operations, and will use that understanding to help solve real world problems.  We use a combination of video presentations, classwork, homework, and work with math manipulatives to deepen math understanding.

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