Second Grade

Second Grade

“Learning to Read” is in the past and “Reading to Learn” is now the realism in the second grade classroom. This opens up an entire world of knowledge for these young students.

The Resource Classes now become an outlet for classroom practice in researching, draft writing, editing and refining. Spanish, Media, Research,  and Technology take on greater importance as the second grade student weaves the subject areas rather than keeping each in isolation. Physical Education, Art and Music also become power-packed with significantly more intricate topics of study. As in earlier grades the weekly Chapel Service serves as a foundation for the Core Values of all Good Shepherd students.

In the classroom, the second grade teacher continues to offer activities to improve reading skills with a concentration in comprehension rather than fluency as novel studies are introduced. Mathematical operations are practiced through problem solving and involve a multi-step process to determine the answer. Math understanding is deepened through exploring alternative ways to achieve the same result. Science and Social Studies are integrated with technology and often include laboratory work and extensive projects.

For the second grade student school is a stimulating place to learn and investigate areas of interests in an active classroom setting!


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