Third Grade

Third Grade is a special time in a student’s life as the transition is made from the Primary Grades to the Intermediate Grades. Leadership opportunities begin in many areas including responsibilities during the weekly Chapel Service and mentoring a Reading Buddy. Independence in the classroom becomes the norm and emotional growth and maturity is demonstrated well.

The classroom is transformed into a learning laboratory for the Core Subjects of Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. Students are free to work and learn independently, divergent thinking is encouraged and students recognize that some risk is necessary to develop ideas. The students’ confidence levels increase significantly in this school year and the teacher becomes more of a facilitator for learning.

The Resource Class teachers team with the classroom teacher to bring a cohesive plan for learning, using both a thematic approach and reinforcement of life-learning skills.

Technology and Research is a constant in most areas of study including Spanish, Art and Music. The use of iPads, laptops, programmable Robots and interactive white boards are used often for classroom instruction as well as in student presentations and products. Physical Education classes increase in rigor as students learn more competitive moves and sports.

Self-confidence, independence and  a positive self-image serve as the building blocks for  the Third Grade students transformation from the Primary Grades to those of the Intermediate Level.


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