Third Grade

Third grade is a special time in a young child’s life as they make the transition from early childhood to upper elementary school.  With this transition comes a lot of responsibility and a lot of fun!

We work hard, but it doesn’t feel like work when we are busy constructing Native American Homes, or sewing biography dolls to help us retell the story of a person of interest who has influenced the world in a special way. We take a road trip to all fifty states without leaving our classroom –  we even taste a dish from each state. Students are responsible for lighting the candles during our Chapel service, participate in the pancake race for the first time, and are assigned a first grade reading buddy.

There is so much history right here in Palm Beach County.  Third graders enjoy learning about Charlie Pierce, the history of our lighthouse, Jonathan Dickinson, the Dubois Family, and Trapper Nelson –  to name a few local people and places of interest. As a culminating activity to all that we discover, we spend a day at Jonathan Dickinson State Park and take a boat tour to Trapper Nelson’s Historic Site. Learning truly has no limits.  As you can see, third grade is the place to be!

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