Parent Association

At Good Shepherd there is something for everyone! Join our warm friendly atmosphere and share in the enthusiasm. Watch your children grow, make new friends, and enjoy the results of your contribution.

Parent Association Board for 2021-2022

Jessica Brees, President

Natalie DeVries, Co-Vice-President (fundraising)

Lainie Rendina, Co-Vice-President (fundraising)

Katie Hart, Vice President (Community Building)

Trish Newell, Communications

Ashley Kaplan, Room Mom Coordinator

The purpose of the Parent Association is to help foster a sense of community.  Send us an email at and let us tell you about the opportunities to get involved at Good Shepherd!

The Parent Association (PA) enhances communication and support among the Good Shepherd Episcopal School administration, faculty, and parents. The PA provides programs, activities, and fundraising events to encourage participation within the school community.  We build unity and promote cooperation for the betterment of our school and our children.  Quarterly PA Meetings are a time for fellowship and are designed to update parents on school happenings.  Meeting dates can be found on the school’s FACTS calendar.

As a parent, we invite you to join us on our private group page.  Click here to join:   Facebook