Parent Association

The Parent Association at Good Shepherd is an organization run by parent volunteers that works closely with our
school. Our main goal is to raise funds to help support our school all while fostering a sense of community. We
welcome and encourage all our parents to volunteer! Our PA plans several events, fundraisers, and volunteer
opportunities throughout the year. We recognize families have multiple activities and obligations during the year,
therefore we offer many options for volunteering.

Monthly PA meetings are typically held on the first Tuesday of each month at 8:30am and all parents are welcome
to attend. If you are not able to attend each meeting that is not a problem, we welcome all our families whenever
they would like to attend! If you would like to contact our Board please email

Parent Association Board Members

Laura Leslie-Schuemann – President
Lauren Hartman – Vice President Fall Fundraising
Lauren Blatz – Vice President Spring Fundraising
Caroline Boren – Vice President Community Building
Megan Hall – Secretary / Communications
Dawn Dodenhoff – Treasurer

Lindsay Banting – Room Parent Coordinator

Calendar of Events
Please go to your FACTS account to see the most updated calendar of events. The entire academic calendar is
posted from August-May.

The Parent Association plans different events throughout the year. Some of our events are the Fall Festival, Santa’s
Workshop, Annual Gala, Golf Tournament and many more. Event details will be sent out from the Parent
Association and Room Moms as it gets closer to the event.

Room Moms
Each year we have different parents who volunteer to be Room Mom for their child’s class. All our Early Learning
and Elementary school classes are assigned a room mom that will communicate important reminders, updates and
other information from the Parent Association and classroom teacher.

Closer to each event your Room Mom will be sharing the sign-up link to register to volunteer. If you can’t make an
event during the school day, we also have some events held on weekends. There are PA events all throughout the
academic year.

As a parent, we invite you to join us on our private group page.  Click here to join:   Facebook