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Music and Performing Arts

Our music curriculum is multifaceted. Our students are immersed in music history, theory and appreciation. We generate a love for music in our students by exposing them to many styles of music and bridging the styles with an understanding of the music’s beginnings. Our students gain an in-depth appreciation for musical style through singing, instrumentation, composing, movement and dance.

The music studio is home to a variety of voice techniques. Students are taught proper vocal techniques for inflection, tone and volume. From the earliest grades, students learn to read, write, compose and publish music. Learning to present and perform skillfully is a goal in all classes. Each year there are three mandatory performances which include; VIP (Grandparents) Day, a Christmas Program and a Recognition Award presentation for each grade level.

Fine and Digital Arts

All students are artists at Good Shepherd because our program is designed as an exploration into awareness and creativity, with each person’s skill level respected and honored. Our program focuses on the process rather than the product. Art instruction leads students through brainstorming and the creative design process. Students master problem solving one step at a time to arrive at completed artwork.

Students learn about craftsmanship and tools with a variety of media, including: paint, pastel, pencil, clay, recycled assemblage, fabric design and collage. Through field trips the students are introduced to working artists, view artwork in galleries and museum settings, and often go outdoors for scientific observation . Individual and group projects are on display throughout the school and student artwork is entered in local competitions such as ArtiGras, Lighthouse Gallery, and Resource Depot’s Recycling Is Art. GSES student artwork is often displayed at the Town Hall and throughout the Gallery Square.  If you would like to display student artwork in your business, please contact our Development Director at 561-746-5507.


The Research class begins in first grade and continues through fifth grade. We use a collaborative model with the classroom teacher and Media Specialist working together in both the planning and execution of the class. The two teachers work alongside the students in using latest techniques and traditional methods to research topics that are being studied in the core subjects and combine to it elements enhanced in the Resource Classes. Technology in particular is emphasized as students find interesting and creative ways to present the researched information.


The Spanish language is expressed in written, spoken and cultural forms in the Spanish classroom. Conversational Spanish becomes a focused goal and the students practice both with their classmates and with native guest speakers.

Spanish becomes a tool for understanding English and our own culture. Learning a second language helps our students to recognize abstract rules in their first language and allows them to see their own culture from the perspective of another culture. The benefits of learning Spanish can be appreciated throughout one’s life.


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