First Grade

First Grade brings a mature approach to the classroom that still respects the child within the student. Lessons are planned incorporating a greater amount of student presentation and product creation to demonstrate mastery of the skills taught. Listening, speaking and writing become an intimate grouping of communication skills that are reflected in Writer’s Workshop and Readers’ Theater .

Student inquiry and contact with intellectual peers forms the basis for learning in the classroom for the four core subjects; Reading, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. Students are placed in flexible grouping and given opportunity to explore topics, investigate real world issues and make judgments based on research and new-found knowledge. Excitement stirs as students express divergent points of view and learn to appreciate the ideas of others.

Resource Classes take on a more serious tone than in earlier years as students begin to delve deeper into the subject matter at hand. Art, Music, Media, Research, Physical Education, and Spanish expand to answer the “why” and “how” beyond the “what” of the earlier grades. First Grade students begin to relate their studies to the world around them and look for personal meaning in their weekly Chapel Service.

The First Grade structure is an interactive approach that is student centered with a lot of excitement and student activity.




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